New Food Idea 2

This is the sequel to my long-time existing topic about new food.
Here is the newer food:

Chicken Burgers: 7 food units
Spicy Chicken Wings (a variation of Chicken Wings): 9 food units
Chicken Nuggets: 7 food units

I hope these get added to the full version (and i hope this topic isn’t meaningless).


The topic’s meaningful, although whether or not the idea ſhould be added is a different matter.

Wasnt you left the forum?

No, it isn’t. Actualy, aren’t 9 units a bit too high?

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Check out my topic before this.
Okay, i’m back

It is meaningful already. Anyway there will be some rebalances later.

I’m gonna revert it back to its original state. Please don’t tell that this topic is meaningless.

Extra idea to support this topic and solve intergalactic hunger caused by chickens:
2 Number 9s
Number 9 Large
Number 6 With Extra Dip
Number 7
2 Number 45s With Cheese

Meaningful Topic About Hunting Chickens

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oh god it’s BIG SMOKE

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What does that mean anyway (btw i’m not telling that your suggestion is meaningless)?

i’m gonna explain it to ya, the thing RCSSIAPNO just said, is a meme quote from big smoke from GTA san andreas

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