New fangame: Ship Insider ( the worst game I've ever made in my life)


Soooooooo, I think you understand What it is.
Yes! you can now play from inside of the ship for the first time!
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of the inside of the ship you have.

here it is if you wanna check
And about the game,… this is the worst game I’ve ever made in my entire life because I didn’t have much time but… yeah… this is still not so bad

This time I don’t have a video for it but some images will be fine!

When you enter the game you’ll see this:

About how it looks, YES THIS IS ENGLISH

Translation: This game is a piece of sh*t, I didn’t work on it much so it’s not good at all, I may update it in the far future But I’m not so sure about it, I hope you like it, Sorry for not updating it anymore.

YES, as you understand I may update it IN THE FAR FUTURE but I WON’T UPDATE IT

The gameplay:

Note: You are kind of in a FNaF office.

Good News: The game works on windows 7 now unlike two previous games

Download and play :

And LIKE THIS POST or a chicken will be in your bed tonight


A chicken appeared out of nowhere on the top of my house a few days ago.
I took well care of it 'til it disappeared.

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Do I still need to wait or my PC Is suk?

Your pc suck

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GMS2 isn’t really cool for old PCs.
GMS1 remains simple and best choice for me.

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When you give up:

Spamming fire without heat woohoo

Inside the spacecraft:



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