New event idea

Idk how to start but, I have some ideas for new events. It has been a long time since the last event was released - Galactic Cup.
So in this topic, I will show you my 3 idea events:

1. Survival Endless
I’ll call it “Endless Mission”. Yes, that means you will use anything you have and try to survive this mission as long as possible, until you get defeat. Here is some in4 for this event:

About the difficulty of Endless mission, i will make sure that the difficulties are gradually increased from the easiest to the hardest possible. So that means:

Click here to see the difficulty of the mission
  • Wave 1-50: Difficult 0%-100% (rookie skill)
  • Wave 51-60: Difficult 100%-100% (Seasoned skill)
  • Wave 61-70: Difficult 100%-100% (Veteran skill)
  • Wave 71-80: Difficult 100%-100% (Virtuoso skill)
  • Wave 81-100: Difficult 100%-100% (Superstar Hero skill)
  • Wave 101~ : Difficult 100%-100% (Superstar Hero skill). Bonus: Replace +30% enermy’s speed bullet by +45% enermy’s speed bullet

This event will last 7 days. However, because Endless mission is used to challenge players’ endurance in a long and very hard mission, so players have to reach Tier 50 to play this mission.
About the result of Endless mission, I have some suggests. Let’s take a look here:

Click here to see some notes for the mission

-When you get defeated, the text will say “Game Over!” instead of “Mission Failed!”.

-I have thought about defeated results, and come up with keeping the results as defeated missions to your account because of many troubles. So that means: If you choose to fly Endless mission, you will definitely receive a defeated (or surrendered) mission to your account, which effects your win ratio.

  • Because of those I have just explained above, you won’t get -10% score for Result Assessment while getting defeated. However, if you surrender this mission, you still get -20% score for Result Assessment.

  • Everyday, you will receive a notification message about the process leaderboard of this event (of course, just like other events).

Wave flown or score? Which of the two things do you want to use to rank the players? Help me at this poll:

Wave flown or Score?
  • Wave flown
  • Score
  • Whatever

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Reward keys: Top1: 500 → Top10: 50

2. Arena
I don’t know how to name this event, so I will use the temporary name “Arena”, which is inspired by Arena mode of “PvZ2” game.
This event is simple. It will be endless just like Survival Endless, but your time is limited.

And here is some in4 about Arena event:

In Arena mission, you will have 5 minutes to fly mission. When the time is over, the screen will be stopped automatically, but your HUD base score still run until you get stopped. Then, a text “Time Over!” will appear and you will move to the result screen a moment later.
About the difficulty of Arena mission, it will more simple than Endless mission. Specifically:

  • Wave 1-40: 0%-100% (rookie skill)
  • Wave 40~: 100%-100% (rookie skill)

Besides, if you survive successfully in 5 minutes, the result of the mission will be “Victory”. There will be no change if you surrender or get defeated.
The event will last 3 days and use Score to rank the players. Each day you will receive a notification message about the process leaderboard of this event (like other events)

Reward keys: Top1: 200 → Top10: 20

:thinking:Are you looking forward to the day when there is an event to show your skills in a mission with a lot of Bosses?
Yes yes, I know. Although there are many Boss Rushes (BR) or Double Teams (DT) in a lot of planets, I still want to make this idea event for everyone to show all your skill issues in this balanced event.

There are 2 gates for you to join the event: 1 is for BR, the other is for DT (just like Daily Mission has 3 gates: Easy/Intermediate/Hard)
Of course, players will need CHL to join the DT mission. Also, players are required to reach Tier 30 to join this event because this mission is very “harsh” and i don’t want to let newbie player exploit keys.

Click here to see the information of the event

About the information of these 2 missions, both BR and DT will have the duration of 1x10 and difficulty of 100%-100% with Superstar Hero skill. And here is the main point of Boss Hunter event: Both missions ALWAYS have environment (1 or 2 or 3 environments, which depends on randomizing). 2 pictures above are examples (or they maybe the worst case that can happen).

For preventing earning too much keys and making sure a fair-play rule for everyone, both of 2 missions in Boss Hunter event will be ONLY-MISSION.

The event will last 3 days. Each days you will receive a notification messages about the process leaderboard of this event (like other events).

End: If you have some interesting names for those 3 events, please tell me in the comment. All of 3 event names are temporarily.

Do you agree with any of my event ideas in this topic? Tell me in this poll and leave here your comment:

Which event idea do you like?
  • Survival Endless
  • Arena
  • Boss Hunter
  • Both of three ideas
  • None

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Not original ideas, but it would still be good if there are more events. Also, currently the Dare League is the closest we have to PvZ2 Arena mode.

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Ironman Rush Invasion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then, try to survive 80 first waves

Ok challenge accepted :slightly_smiling_face:

This is same as Space Race, isn’t it? Instead of get less time, you try to get as much points as you can in 5 minutes.
But i really love your ideas. Espicially Boss Hunter in DT, it looks like playing Ironman.

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I guess Boss Hunter is good. Arena is like something similar I suggested, where you have 8 minutes and try to get as many points as possible until the time runs out. And IA declined it.

No need, even Ironman has no Tier Limit. Let beginners do what they want, early game grinding is too painful. Newbie equipment are so bad, at least you have a large key gain rate because of your H&C 101 Hatchling. I would suggest you removing this, let those events with no Tier Limit.

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How boss rushes shows your “skills”?, They do not grant bonuses or anything that shows any difference between all players’ scores, only equal points.


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Are you sure? Are you sure you will get top1 in any BR? So try it in all BR with having Yolk Star :smirk:

Oops. Idk what is happening? This is the first time i try to use “Hide details” ability so i really don’t know this, but thanks you

I have fixed the poll for Survival Endless, if you like that event, please help me

Definitely, i feel like the survival along with the bosses to able to collecting something different but eventually i wouldn’t keep in mind either to changing to without tier to able the these missions are completely enjoyable it reminds me other games that it had survival modes on it, at least.

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and also, at the part where if you’re completely screwed up though the survival then it must replaced to “the survival it’s finally over!”, completely?

What yolk-star has to do with this? And yes, I am sure I can get top-1and hope I perform well.

And whatever I am wrong or no, the whole event doesn’t looks original enough to be added.

I really like the idea of the survival endless

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It’s been suggested many times, there’s not much else for me to say. Also I think ranking players solely based on waves is not a good idea because players can tie extremely easily this way. If anything, you could rank players primarily based on waves beaten, but if certain players are tied, then score is also taken into account. This option isn’t on the poll so it’s not like I can vote for it. Either that or only rank based on score. Ranking strictly by waves beaten is a bad idea imo. Anyways don’t ask me to vote or like, if I want to, I’ll do it on my own.


I like the idea of endless missions it has a lot of potential to it Time for farming food

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So, after 1 week, here is the result of the poll for 3 events:

  • Survival Endless: 13 votes
  • Arena: 3 votes
  • Boss Hunter: 13 votes
  • None: 9 votes

Well, it seems that Arena has no chance to be added. Besides, someone told that this event has existed because we have Dare League which is closest to Arena mode from PvZ2. So… Yea, i think i have to accept this.

And about 2 other events, @InterAction_studios , how do you think about them? If you agree, i’d like to see how do you design the medals for these events. We’re looking forward to how the medals will look like.

Also, i have received some opinions about the limit tier to join events. You have to understand that: one is an endless mission in which you must use anything you have to survive as long as you can and beat the highest score, and one is a harsh mission with a lot of Bosses and effected by the environments. However, for the newbie players and their experience, i decided to reduce the limit tier of these events. They have to take a times to prepare their equipment better, so they can try to experience the events. Specification:

  • Survival Endless: Tier 50 → Tier 15
  • Boss Hunter: Tier 30 → Tier 20

Reaching those tiers is kinda easier, right? They may take 1 week (or shorter) to reach them.


Is it me or are you just trying to “bump” your topic to get attention and views?

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