New Equippment thingy: Perks/Passive abilities

Perks/Passive abilites are things will affect some of the gameplay mechanics and stuff. Players can equip only one per mission .Here are some attributes

Greed: chickens have a higher chance to drop coins and they drop 9 coins instead of 3. Scoring decreased by 5%

Poverty: scoring increased by 22%, chickens will never drop coins (except Bosses) and food dropping chance is lowered by 35%. Key will also rarely see

Rage: when you die, your damage output increases by 20% only for that wave (15% if it’s a boss wave) And it won’t stack. Scoring will not decrease

Gold Rush (only for boss rush missions): the amount of key drop for each wave will increased by 25% but scoring will be decreased by 50%).

Graze: Just like meteor storm, standing near something that could kill you will give you some points, scoring decreased by 7.5%

You can submit your perks in the reply section.


Greed, poverty and graze are all just…“get more score at the cost of less score”. It doesn’t make much sense to me. Dunno if any of these are worth that much.
Gold rush and Rage are maybe partly usable.
Well, rage obviously is since it doesn’t have a downside, and gold rush is okay if you want to farm for keys, but awful if you want a good score.
So…overall, most of these wouldn’t be of much use, imo.

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