New Equippable Bonus: Food Frenzy

Let’s say you wanna get a lot of food but in a short span of time. A long droid raid mission is the best choice currently I guess, unless you can find a really long and difficult Classic mission.

This new equippable item can be purchased from the store, 3 units for 150 keys. What does it do?
If usually chickens mostly drop just 1 leg or a small burger, chickens now are going to drop vast quantities of food. 1 chicken can drop up 3-5 different foods depending on the difficulty.

Yesterday I played a droid raid mission that gives you about 600-700 food per 1 play. With this bonus equipped, it would be around 1500-2000 food or more.
It lasts throughout the whole mission and perishes after. Supersized burgers rain from fallen chickens like never before: this is easily the fastest way to get an insane amount of food.

It also creates an interesting way to farm keys, as the turn out from missions will (in terms of keys) always be higher than the price of the bonus (otherwise it’s pointless).

The icon for it would be a burger or something like a happy meal but with the space burger logo.

if you think it’s too overpowered because players will combine it with food magnet, then it could be made so you could either equip one or the other. But I think it would be really fun to play with both.
Anothe thing that could be done is a decrease in key drops (noooo) or decrease in the amount of score you get.

Do you want this in the game?
  • Yes, with no debuffs
  • Yes, but it shouldn’t work with appetite attractor
  • Yes, but it should decrease the score you get
  • Yes, but it should decrease the amount of keys you get

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An idea so good that you can’t vote for no even if you wanted to

  • no

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hmm idk i want to do this

Wow i can’t even say no to this

This idea is so amazing and fitting that i can’t even disagree

shittt what did i mess up
oh i see now, i forgot the no, i was trying to re-do the poll and forgot it
It’s a deal you can’t refuse

This is so cheap you won’t lose any keys buying this

So it is 1 unit per mission

I can’t say no to the idea (mostly bec you forgot to add the no button from the poll)
but i would say you have to balance it more

Droids aren’t chicken you can obviously see what is the droid going to give you if you destroyed it

It would be useless in missions like this

Unless you mean if you took the chicken it would be more for example( small burger would give you 3 points of food other than 1)

Ahhh i forgot droids carry food, not drop it. That means indeed, it would have effect only on enemies killed that drop food.

I think we could make it so for 150 you get 2 units and they 1) Don’t work with the appetite attractor and 2) You do not get any score for the food you collected

add new equipment please

Could you STOP IT plz?

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What did this guy do ??

Oh wait i think i know why

Ok I don’t need to tell

I accidentally voted here and I can’t undo it.

Nice idea I love it

Maybe you didn’t… lol (Bro I’m joking )

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