New Environment: Humid and 1 new Always-On shield

A bit like how we live in this world, sometimes we see our windshield fogged up when we enter our vehicle or we feel really hot even tho it’s not that hot on your weather application.

Operation: Gradually it will slowly fog up your screen (like how frozen environments works) but overtime, if you don’t clear your screen then it will start to drip making your vision a bit blurry or warped but you can use your ship to clean the water off. Since electronics doesn’t like moisture, your ship will behave a bit erratically (if you move straight, you will go a bit curved or shake a bit). However since your ship is being cooled by the water in the space around, your weapon will not overheat as fast (-5% to -10%)

Ships that’s has resistance: All VF family ships and 1 ship that yall will pick

Requirements before entering this atmosphere: Humidity Regulator (price: 426 keys - will be cheaper in Heroes Academy and sometimes available at shady traders - Description: Water-proof silicon rings that goes around your ship’s opening to protect the ship’s internal electronics from really humidity environments and improves your ship’s humidity regulation to be always ideal for you and your ship)

What ship should has resistance to this environment?
  • BX-7
  • BX-8
  • BX-9
  • H&C 101
  • H&C 201
  • H&C 301
  • M400
  • M404
  • M408

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Do you want to add only the environment or do both of them?
  • Humid environment only
  • Both humid environment and Humidity Regulator

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What do you think?
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  • Decline

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