New enemy idea: The rooster

Good day.

Most of the enemies in CIU seem dull in colour. So I decided to make an enemy that is more “colourful”.

Introducing… the rooster.
Roosters are slightly bigger than chickens and have pretty colours, especially their tail feathers. they are more aggressive than your average chicken.

With that said, here is what the enemy should be like:

  • Should have colourful feathers, just like roosters IRL, or at least, a bigger comb and wattles. (may be omitted if game size is compromised)
  • Other than the gattling guns, most enemies don’t have additional animations. The rooster will pluck 3 feathers from it’s tail and throw them at the player, by swinging it’s wing to the side in a CW/CCW manner. (can be omitted for the same reasons as stated above and/or performance issues).
  • Plucking can be indicated by sound. (can be omitted because of the reasons above)
  • Its bullets are feathers (non-pushable), slightly faster than purple projectiles of armored chickens, thinner and smaller. [not certain about the colour of bullet]
  • The chicken itself is slightly bigger than an your frequently seen chicken enemies.

  • Roosters have bigger health than metal suit chickens (the harder variant), but less health than UFO chickens (this includes UFO enemy + UFO dish + UFO chicken 's pools of HP combined)

  • Roosters should spawn with the frequency of UFO chickens.

  • Shot pattern: our feathery friend is capable of firing a triple spread shot. that is, 1X3 (not to be confused by the gattling chick’s 3x1 shots). its bullets are projected at 30-45 deg. angle, judging from the center bullet. This means the whole shot covers an area of 60-90 deg.
  • Optional: the rooster may have a limited supply of ammo, meaning it can fire only 2 or 3 times in total. when it runs out of ammo, it’s tail becomes bald, with orange/pinkish colour. when this happens, the rooster can only shoot one projectile.
  • The rooster shoots its projectiles at the player / downwards [to be decided. More leaning towards targeting the player]

SIDENOTE: as the enemy has the potential to appear only by its variant on a certain wave (just like an epic wave with only UFO chickens), to mitigate the danger of the shot, the angle offset might be bumped up to 45 deg. from the middle bullet.

What do you think? tell me below.


Basically a typical kind of 3-way Spread shot, like the Armored Chickens, but only at player?

Shut up and take my money.

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Now that you point it I see these as glass cannon minibosses.

Less hp but harder to doge attacks.

About the idea itself:
It’s really unique and I apprecate the

Since attacks “won’t come out of nowhere” like other minibosses do.

Question: will attacks be instantaneous or like this?

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I was debating this. I do want it to be instant, but I decided against it so I can prepare the player, since the bullet pattern is more complex. Plucking the feathers, not firing them, was supposed to delay the attack (just like the charge of the laser chick guns.) and then fire them. so it functions more like the laser chick gun.


That’s the kind of “new enemy” I’d like to see.

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