New Enemy: Glitch Chicken

Hi guys,

I want to show my new enemy idea: The Glitch Chicken.

It looks like any other regular chickens but with glitched look.

Attack patterns: When you defeat the Glitch Chicken, it releases it’s so called glitch field.

And what happend when the player fly into the glitch field?:
The Players ship gets an glitchy look.

Does has any side effects when the player fly into the glitch field?:
Not only that the players ship becomes glitchy, it also jams the weapon system.

And what happend when the weapon system got jammed?:
On Click based weapons (e.g. Ion Blaster) it will slow down the firing rate.
On Autofire based weapons (e.g. Lightning Fryer) it will be jammed.

How long will the side effects lasts?:
15 seconds.

Hope you like my new enemy idea.


_This mf don’t miss!
_yeah this mf’s good!
This is really a good idea
(I’m just a I revived the meme, but you made a really good idea)


Sounds good, but what about making it just a robot chicken (made by mista klaus) that can release a magnetic field to slow you down or kill you (or gltch effect) and also why not adding a small glitch effect on the screen that will appear for a short time whenever your spacecraft collides with this magnetic field, some spacecraft will not be affected by this magnetic field.

It’s just a suggestion…

Can’t wait to see bug reports if this gets added, causing it to be removed right after.


‘‘Party like it’s 2002’’ Vibes.

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It’s a bit iffy and fourth-wall breaking. Maybe if you made it electrical so it matched up with the other elemental chickens, I would support it more. Then it could also be more common in electric environments. Glitchy would fit in retro ones, but retro environments don’t have any kind of chickens.

Well, where are the bugs comes from?

Good idea but I would do some tweaks

1 - 15s side effect time is too long if you accidentally enter the glitchy zone (should be shorter or only lasts when you’re in the glitchy zone)

2a - If you enter the glitchy zone then your ship won’t be glitched (HUD interference can slowly build up - Player stats can go to a ?/-- state and then static slowly builds up on the player’s vision)


2b - The deeper you go into the glitchy zone then the worse the interference become (again player stats go to a ?/-- state and then static build up on the player’s vision)

  • Tweak 1
  • Tweak 2a
  • Tweak 2b
  • Both 1 and 2a
  • Both 1 and 2b
  • Your tweaks (reply below)
  • Keep it as it is
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