New Enemy: Battleships

Don’t Panic. This one will be cool.

I have been working on this for few days, Now I am gonna represent it at my best.

The Idea of the Enemy is simple, It is a battleship. But looks close to a drone. Pics:

Here are the components:

(Sorry if the design is bad, It is a first time I design a machinery thing).


1- Have 2 tracking weapons: Missile Pods and Egg turrets, They always target the player.

  • The Missile Pod Holds 2 missiles from CI3’s one. Reloaded in a pod. they will first track the player then fires, Also Have a moderate speed.

  • The Egg turrets are just small cannons on the bottom part of the Enemy, just does the same job as missile pods, but each fires 2 small eggs with low speed.

2- The attacks are randomzied, in better means, The enemy will choose which weapon to fire after cooldown.

3- Due to how tough the thing would be, I decided to have the same role as both Egg Gatling/Laser chick gun enemies in terms of health, cooldown and waves they appear in. So Basically:

  • They will have the same cooldown.
  • In Waves that have both chick cannons breed (Heavy metal, Panzer strike for example). they will have a possibility to replace them.

4- The Pilot doesn’t emerge from it when destroyed.

5- It’s thrusters indicates it’s direction:

  • If it’s moving fowards, Thrusters will be pointing upwards.
  • If it’s moving backwards, Thrusters will be pointing downwards.

Now I am gonna represent Waves inspired by them.

They will be just 2 waves:

1- Battleship Patroling

  • A danger zone is presented only at the upper part of the screen
  • The battleships will spawn from it and goes towards the bottom where it leaves, throughout the passage they will try targetting the player.

2-Battleship Variety/Divison

  • A same danger zone will appear at the upper part
  • This time the battleships will take a 4 attempts of divsion, they will appear from the upper part and stop at middile screen with three of them, attacks for 5 seconds and then leave, then another divsion with 4 of them will approach and does the same thing and so on until they reach 6.

That’s everything explained for now, Time for judgement.

Do you like this new enemy?
  • Yes. Time for some challenges!
  • Neutral.
  • No. Doesn’t seem interesting enough.

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Judge carefully whenever you want.

That’s all, Have a good future, everybody.


You inspired me to work on a long dormant project that also involves warships


Well, Suggesting vessel-like enemies came into my mind months ago and resulted in making this design, tried to make in unique from the battleships we see in the movies or games.

A new aircraft?


idk but this boss style make me thinking about an aircraft, almost have the same style as your idea!

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That’s a space fighting vessel, Not An Aircraft.

there is no air in space to call it an aircraft.


air craft

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