New difficulties?

We haven’t gotten any in quite a while, and I’d like to see one soon! It would be cool to push ourselves even further! Now, from what we can see we will get 2 higher difficulties than SSH. And I’d really like for them to be challenging. Obviously some bosses still need some buffs too.
But anyway, I’d like for them to give back the v10.1 feeling. Perhaps make them even harder, but definetly less unfair than the U.C.O.'s at the time.
What’s your decision @InterAction_studios? Will we get them before the full release?


I would propoſe the following:

If I recall correctly, skill levels currently add the following to the difficulty:

  • Seaſoned: 10%
  • Veteran: 20%
  • Virtüoſo: 30%
  • Superſtar hero: 40%

Miſſion difficulties currently range from (from what I can tell- I didn’t look at every miſſion in the galaxy, obviöuſly) ~1% - 100% by themſelves (i.e. on rookie skill level). Thus, miſſion difficulty has a much greater ſway on the total than skill level. I would propoſe this alternative liſt of values for the skill level difficulty booſt:

  • Seaſoned: 25%
  • Veteran: 50%
  • Virtüoſo: 75%
  • Superſtar hero: 100%

Now, I realiſe that theſe ſeem outrageouſly high, but that’s becauſe they are. Or at leaſt they would be, in a game with only one difficulty control. The idea here is that once you’re good at rookie, you buy ſeaſoned, and ſtart off chooſing eaſiër miſſions and graduälly getting to the point where you’re finding all miſſions perfectly doäble, then moving on to veteran, and ſo on. I’ve alſo choſen theſe values ſo that no miſſion in SSH could appear in rookie- the rookie range is 1% - 100%, and the SSH range is 101% - 200%. I alſo think that on virtüoſo and SSH the limiting factor to all-miniboſs waves ſhould be reduced or removed, ſo that they appear more frequently at theſe inſane difficulties. I think that for now the two extra ſlots aren’t needed (if this ſuggeſtion is implemented), but when they are added I think a bonus (in keys/ſome ſpecial medal) ſhould be given out the firſt time a player wins a miſſion above a given (inſane) difficulty and length. Juſt as a way of honouring people that good.

Obviöuſly we do need a range of ultra-hard boſſes, too.


May be we can have a secret skills level that can only be achieved if we get some certain medals/trophies

Already suggested and unfair. What if you were playing every CI and now you are pro, but you can’t use highest difficulty?


I want harder bosses…

It proves that you’re not as pro as you think you are. Also, as far as I know, I’m the only one who suggest a secret skill level so it might be ok for me to repeat it somewhere else, but if you guys are annoyed with that, then I will try to avoid doing so

No, it makes you do a number of miſſions at a boring difficulty.

But at the moment, you guys still struggling playing at SSH without superweapon and mountable isn’t it? So it won’t be boring if the “secret skill level” can only be obtain if you do at least 1 mission without super weapon at the highest-non-secret skill level(which is 2 levels higher than SSH) Relax, it won’t be as hard as Touhou or Cuphead

Wow assumimg much. Also SSH isnt locked away behind my BrIlLiAnT mOrOn RaIl GuN vS hEnTeRpRiSe chalange. Why? Because you shouldnt do an arbitrary challange to be considered worthy of a higher skill. You get the skill to have the game harder, and that by itself will prove if you are good enough to play on it.

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