New design for toxic chicken

In case it isn’t supposed to be blending into the other chickens and not being obviously different, I’ve given a shirt to the gal.
Yes, I stole the skull. Doesn’t have to be the same one nevertheless, it’s just an example of how it would look.
Feedback welcome.


I’m thinking of a hazmat one, like this:11364

I don’t think a chicken with a hazmat suit would be the one infected…


Honestly, I’m hurting for lore for this specific breed of chicken. What if they exeperimented with toxic substances, hence wearing the hazmat, but them something went wrong and they got infected themselves?

Something like this?

Incidentally, I’m not sure if skulls would raise the game’s age rating. They were used in the Halloween edition because there’s obviously much more going on there than mere skulls (and the age rating was higher), but I’d hate to have to raise the rating just for a single texture :thinking:


Well, since they’re toxic, how about the biohazard symbol instead?


I’m not in any way an expert, but I think skulls weren’t the cause.
The most obvious culprit for me was the bloodied barn.


@InterAction_studios How about something like this?


The ambience on this boss was one of the coolest things in this franchise in my opinion.


I’ve always said that those age regulators were jackasses.

There are people who gave the game a low rating (I know you’re talking about AGE rating, but I’m just talking about rating in general) just because “lack of creativity”, as they have to pay extra money just for a new edition. If you buy/register/purchase/subscribe the main game on InterAction Studios website instead, you get special editions for free:

While we’re on the topic, I’ve never understood the existence of the edition from a financial standpoint. Many people won’t get them (or the people that will, will get them for free). Wouldn’t it be better to start development for a new game immediately, instead of just retexturing your latest one?


Pretty sure it wasn’t the skulls.

Well, they do carry poisonous stuff. 🤷 Withdrawing my suggestion

But I’m looking forward to the skull one.

It looks like a slaughter house than a barn. Can we get something like that again?

It sure looks horrific and cool.

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