New Daily Mission Level Type: Item Training

This is a new Daily Mission Level type called Item Training.

Idea is simple:
You’re given 4x5 Chicken Invaders levels which you have to beat
with a random ship + set of starting items.

Said ship + set of starting items is the same for all players,
but is different every time a new Item Training event starts.

The set of starting items should be completely randomized, but I think it’s best (and hopefully easiest to code in) if it’s randomly selected from a set of random config presets made specifically for this challenge. (Which you can help me create in the replies down below)

The point of this is to let new players have fun with items,
while also providing a new challenge of “see what you can do with the items provided” to old players.

Edit #1:
To prevent people from getting extra points by not using Special Weapons - which goes against what this challenge is all about, you can get Medals for not using Special Weapons, but they won’t be worth any points.

Also: This cannot be repeatable, like other Daily Mission level types.


The only downside I can think of this is … it’s going to take a lot of work putting this challenge in.

And to update the challenge presets when new items are involved is going to be another problem they need to think about.

If the demand is huge though I’m sure IA won’t mind that.

Rate my idea! (5 = boss chicken, 1 = baby chick)
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Update: I edited the poll a bit. Just so I know the current status of the idea, not when it’s actually closed.

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Sandbox mode could do this well also. Of course, because it require so much effort, iA won’t do it soon (if he’s actually going to do it).

I don’t know about special weapons though, a lot of players will probably ignore them to get medals that give you points for not using them, plus almost every wave and boss isn’t really worthy of using a special weapon on

Simpler counter idea: You can still get Special Weapons medals in this challenge, but they won’t award you any points.

Old counter idea, don't look

Since the goal of this level type is about item usage, I’ve been thinking about doing something a bit different for this level type, though that kinda meant extra work, but using less items rewards you more keys (=5% store price of each item not used, which stacks up quite alot), but gives you less points.

Items in the Auto-Use category are excluded from this special reward criteria.

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Added to v.117 :medal_sports: Idea


Now, if only we could have this feature on every challenge to bring about equality & communism within the competitors.

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Fr tho. Random items should exist for all challenges.

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It’s true: I can confirm winning with overpowered equipment only breeds the worst ego-filled conceit. Not everyone can afford the “required” equipment to stand a chance against those with many keys. In an Esport, you win because you’re skilled, not because you’re rich.

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I don’t get it. you mean having infinite choosen items for every player in all challenges?

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What I mean is that every player should have a fixed amount of equipment, which remains the same after every attempt if the challenge offers several attempts. So, in a way, they will be “infinite”. It’s like Clash of Clans’ 1-Player mode introduction, in which you start with a fixed amount of troops (5 wizards)


Oh I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one that’s for sure.


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