New Consumable: Reinforcements

There’s already multiple suggestions for a wingman. And here’s would be my take on it—as a mountable item.

  • Upon activation, a pair of ships will be deployed as reinforcements to help the player. They’ll appear from the back, in respective of where your spaceship is facing.
  • Activating it again while on effect resets the duration, like other consumables.
  • Ship class will be the same as the player’s. If your current ship’s BX-9, then the reinforcements’ ship will be BX-9.
  • Reinforcements use the customization options of nearby ships in the galaxy menu or any in your contacts list. If ever there is none, default customization will be used.
  • Reinforcements will leave you either upon expiry of the consumable or whenever you crashed. They will slowly accelerate themselves forward.
  • Reinforcements doesn’t follow you instantaneously, instead they’ll use their speed stats as if they were on a massive environment. Also using the normal rarity ones.
  • Reinforcements will only fire if ever you fire. If you happen to overheat, then they will stay idle. Assume that the deployed ships have their own coolant canister.
  • Power level of the reinforcements’ ship will always be :zap:8 (max level when starting a mission), even if you collect gifts/atomic energy. Although, they will use the same weapon as yours, even if you get another one.

Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated.


Ask: what weapon do they use? Is it the same thing that you’re using? At what :zap:?

The current weapon the player is using. Their weapons also change if player decided to change weapons while effect is still active.

:zap:8 - The maximum power level when starting a mission (which is done via upgrades). Won’t change if player gets a fp or dies. Might hard to deal with weapons having variable fire rates.

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Nice Idea
Is this how “insert location here” work?

I need backup. “Wave: Pulsating Grid, Mission: Fantastic Funeral, Chicken Invasion, 12x2 waves, 99%-100% difficulty”


When I was kid, I had a game and your idea reminded me to one of its equipment, which allows you to call for help. 3 ships will come and shoot for a few seconds and they’ll leave after shooting rockets (sth like a special weapon). I think it was called “Support Airstrike”.


I really like this concept! Maybe if the player gets defeated, the backup ships begin to move and shoot sporadically for the duration of the respawn until your ship reappears, at which point they return to formation? Or perhaps the ships focus their attacks on the chicken that did you in? Just a thought.
Either way, this concept gets a gold star from me!


It’s a reference from Killer Bean Forever :eyes: (at 55:33).

That reminds me, instead of one ship at a time will be deployed, two or four will be deployed in one activation. The item of course will be much more expensive than Damage Amplifier (or lasts shorter).

Thanks, I’d appreciate it. Rather than they stay idle at their current position and wait for the player to respawn or fire continuously (w/out overdrive). Making them fire sporadically might be unfavorable on some situations.

I’ll make a poll based on your replies and probably adjust it later on.


Upon activation, how many ships should be deployed at a time?

  • One at a time, stacks up to 4 ships
  • One pair, stacks up to two (2 ships x2)
  • Two pairs (4 ships)

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Upon player death while item is still active, how would the backup ships react?

  • Stay idle at current position
  • Fire continuously at current position (w/ overdrive)
  • Fire continuously at current position (w/out overdrive)
  • Leave the player

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Suggested :zap: level of backup ships?

  • :zap:8 - Max starting fp level
  • :zap:10 / fp level before max power
  • Max power of respective ship types

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If you have other options, just leave a reply. Only answer when you actually support this idea.


Changes made:

  • Changed name to “Reinforcements.”
  • Only a pair of ships will be deployed.
  • Will leave the player upon crashing.
  • Pic removed, will re-improvise later.

Please iA, take a look at this.


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