New CI4 Background: CI4 Retro Background,CI4 Supernova background and CI4 Space burger background

Can you add another backgrounds in Chicken invaders universe(Early access) in version 22.1 please



First two: added.
Droid raids
Blach hole missions
About the third,well,I don’t know
For finding wormholes,travel along voids.

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The 3d one is terrible background, the second one is added and the first 1 is not needed.
End of story.

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The third picture is CI4 supernova Background

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No,I was talking about its existence in CIU

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I don’t know, but first background is better for me

It means to add them to the galactic store


1st one is also there. Choose ci4 background and play a droid raid. It should look the same as the one shown here.

When I choose ci4 background in a droid raid It’s dark blue

It’s still the same thing.

Well,sort of.

At last you explain that! I thought that everyone would understand you soon, but you had to explain it. I like the idea. Specially the CI4 Retro Background.

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