New chicken

Greedy chicken


Sounds… absolutely stupid.
You’re saying that when the chicken is defeated the main character is dropping a lot of keys? I know what you mean there, but it just sounds really illogical. Maybe correct the description of it.

Plus, you could tell more about it (attacks, health, etc). Atleast you drew a sketch of it (looks really nice actually).

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Well, yeah, 'cuz you lean back to ſtretch, and your keys fall out of your pocket.


Maybe it shouldn’t be called “absolutely stupid”,though I certainly don’t see how it makes sense to add a boss that takes away your keys when you beat it.

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I mean to drop any giving like dropping eggs


I think this person means that the boss drops keys,not you.
Either way,I mean…this kinda already happens with a lot of the bosses.(for example,in boss rush missions and supernova missions)


I didn’t said that I don’t like it. I like the idea, but you know… i’m that guy who loves throwing opinions and details.

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Still it’s bad idea. what is different than the other big chickens? Dropping more keys is not good because it’s not balanced.


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