New Chicken: Peach farmer chicken

You though this was just a peach farmer chicken farming peaches eh? You’re wrong, they’re bombs disguised as peaches

yeah, he’s just a peach farmer, explosive peach farmer, he shoots down a peach has a bigger hotbox than an egg and it explodes when it touches the egg splashing area
when he dies, he’ll drop 4 exploding peaches drop like foods/gernades dropping and they’ll instantly explode when they touch the egg splashing area the iron chef would love this chicken a lot


Was there any reason why exactly peach farmer? What about fruit farmer?

If fruit farmer then each chickens will grow only their fruit but they’re still act like the same

Also peach farmer because the I just think of it

the thing is : why peaches bro :rofl::rofl: :smile: I mean, watermelons or coconuts would be better (bigger), or grapes cuz they can bounce :rofl:

That would be annoying as [swear word]


Totally not Tenshi

You mean sh**

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or fu**

but looks familiar though…

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I can’t imagine a Pulsating Grid of these.

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Don’t know why he choose peach, nonetheless it’s good to choose bright coloured fruits due to visibility issue. Grape if it is purple, kind of blend with the background just like the purple neutron in CI3.

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I smell like Military Chickens here

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