New Chicken Invaders Universe Game! Chicken Invaders Universe: Story Mode Edition

Hello everyone, many people like me were waiting for the sixth part of this franchise to be released, but instead a spin-off was released. In my opinion, why not title the sixth episode Chicken Invaders Universe?! But we must add: Story Mode Edition.
Also, why isn’t Chicken Invaders universe an offline game?!
These are pictures of the new game icon design.





Final Icon Concept Art:

Main Menu Concept Art (originally based on the first version of Chicken Invaders Universe)

The New Save the World Menu Concept Art

Story Concept Art:


First Player’s Mission: prologue
Total Waves: 20

After 10 waves
Show’em Who’s Boss!

After The Boss The Heroes reach the heat section (sun) of solar system

After 10 waves again


In This Game, all spacecrafts must be unlocked.
And for Player, after completing all the stages of a planet, you can climb to the next planet.

In this game, it is better not to show other people’s ships. Because this is an offline game.
In the story part, every 5 spaceships should represent one player.

I crossed out the pictures you see because they will not be added in this game.

Spacecraft Costumizion Concept Art:


New feature in paintjob section:
Number of Trusters


The Font Animation Wave Name Better is use the first model:


Stay tuned for the next episode…


I’m drowning in the pictures, stuck in confusion.



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Let’s try to defuse it slowly, shall we?

Because CIU is a spin-off and it wouldn’t make sense to title it as 6th part.

Because ads&microtransactions™
Also because leaderboards.
Though offline mode is possible to be added and even IA didn’t deny it.

No thanks.

Why new main menu?

How would that work with the whole galaxy? Do you need to start over in new difficulty and lose your whole progress?

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seems like a waste of time and effort to stick an episode into this and not even make it online


IA already had plans for a new game, and CIU is freemium so it’s not gonna be put in CIU. That’s also why offline mode is unlikely to happen as I understand it.

a chicken invadeers 5 + ciu knockoff

Story mode EditionEdition

Also CIU is a spin-off, it doesn’t have any connections to any CI series’ timeline. But, CI6 is on the list (guess so, as I remembered) so just wait.

My only hope is CIU has Planetary Mission in CIU v140 or later :frowning:


On which list is it?

Maybe we will se a desert planet.

Just think so, because once iA said there would be CI6.

Sarcastic TL:DR (didn’t read or didn’t look?) provided to you by me:

CIU is a spin-off, I am disappointed because I waited for like 4 years just for a spin-off :frowning:. Why don’t we make CI6 instead?


Let’s put both the chicken and the spacecraft into the game icon (which we obviously don’t have enough space for please view your desktop as extra large icons)

Main menu

Basically CI5 with the touch of CIU


You and your friends fight the main antagonist of this game: UCO + EGG CANNON + HENTERPRISE + YOLK STAR (or whatever that was)

After that:

CI3 Intro
with CI4 constellations
and CI5 planets
featuring CIU exploring & gameplay (without all the competitive online stuff but you can still pay for some reason)

Now to the feedback that wasn’t included in the section above:

  • Please, your images aren’t a .GIF, don’t post 6 images of the whirlpool transition
  • Please at least be original. You reused almost everything possible
  • Use collapsible sections next time. Took me a while to scroll down ._.

sorry if i sounded like a meanie, but you can get what i am saying here.

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I have a compromise. Let’s make it so that you can buy a game that is a mix of CI5 and CIU.
It has the CI5 campaign and unlockables which are totally disjoint, but CIU in this version also has the worlds from CI5 in it appearing in random places throughout the universe.

That doesn’t make sense. CIU is a mix of CI5 and other episodes already.

Planetary missions are already in The List™. No idea when are they going to be worked on, but they don’t require making another copy of CIU.


I prefer that will be taken in episodic cinema in serial/movies (YouTube), not in game.

No, player Can Change the Difficulty Without Reset Process.

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i feel like i’m reading a powerpoint presentation running at 1 fps


I like this idea, but unfortunately considering that fact CIU is playable for people who are broke, it’s really unlikely for IA studios to add story mode

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