New chicken idea metal chicken

The metal chicken is like thatPicsArt_۰۸-۱۰-۰۵.۳۴.۴۲
And we are killing it

And the egg it drop
I think you enjoyed my idea
And thanks for reading


Hm, it looks like a nice additive chicken. Good job

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You can’t just give some random MS-Paint drawings and call it an idea. What does it do? What is its health? Most of your chicken breeds are just re-skins of ordinary chickens.


yeah i enjoyed it

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Idk what that changes, it’s just a bunch of weird boxes that doesn’t help in telling anything.

he doesn’t speak english very well

Says the one who doesn’t use a capital letter in the beginning and no punctuation.

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Sounds like a cursed images , also i dont understand the idea

Does it do something different to other chickens or not?

Gosh, is it informal to not use capital letters in replies? I consecutively use correct punctuation and capital letters in topics. Plus, I’m 13, don’t have high expectations for my grammar and punctuation :confused:

This is a forum for a game based on chickens, not some StackExchange english hub.

Did you not read what a reply you had after correcting someone enough? It’s understandable enough to me. Also, before you complain about being young and not knowing proper English because of that, newsflash, I’m 13 too. Also, what you were doing there I said because you were being pretty passive-agressive towards him. And I know it’s about a game based on chickens, we all do. By the way, the edit function exists.

I was not passive-aggressive, I was just trying to tell you he’s not a native speaker. And I didn’t want to edit, so what?

EDIT: He’s also probably quite a young chap who just wants to share his ideas with the community.

Ahem, I’m not a native speaker too. Also, it looks like someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘seems’

Not like I care about you breaking the ToS then. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s just settle this commotion, no point of flooding this topic with replies about punctuation and grammar errors and whatnot.


And so what if he does it in MS Paint? It’s his sketch, let him do what he likes. Although, yes, he should’ve added more information about this enemy. Your english may be good for a native speaker, but not excellent, so don’t correct people on theirs. That’s also breaking the ToS (sort-of). You’re the one being kinda aggressive, not me.

I love when you said let’s stop this and then immediately started the argument again.

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Yeah that was a mistake, wasn’t it? Now I’ve provoked you again, better run…