New chicken: Doctor Chicken

Something unique, guarantee a bug if implemented.

Alt name: Medichick, Dr.Hen, nurse chick

The Chickens sometimes require support while in the battlefield.

Appearance: A chicken with a doctor hat, sometimes a lab coat.

Attack: Does not attack at all, they only heal chickens. They fire a non-lethal beam that attaches to a chicken, healing them.

Note: They can only heal one chicken at a time. Healing mechanical chickens (UFO, armored,…) won’t repair their gear. Healed enemies take 60% less damage preventing the player from one shotting them.

Average health: 5000hp

Appears when: >40% difficulty

Restricted in: none




While it is a cool idea, with how quickly chickens die, it won’t really work well would it? That’s the only flaw, otherwise i feel like it could be implemented for a boss (if ia can deal with the spaghetti code this can cause).


Like caught in a cross fire wave?

Edit: the bonus, lol.

But most of weapons are able to annihilate those chickens in a matter of fraction of second. Why bother to heal them?

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I think I forgot to add the healing speed/rate. No matter, added the solution.

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