New "bosses" idea: Side Bosses

Let me just say that this concept is not fully developed yet and most likely will not go through, but it is stuck in my head all the time and I feel that I have to write about it. (was it suggested? so I don’t know if this type of concept has already been created)

These bosses are slightly different from the ones we have, as they are not fully recognized as the main bosses.
The side bosses are only such an intermediary in the sense that:

  • It only appears between normal waves (does not appear in existing waves, but more on that in a moment)
  • Has half the HP of the main bosses

Where can you meet such a boss?
Thought it would be best if it showed up in the middle of the mission (or for example 2 times in 2x10)

Here i made a rather strange graph of mission
:small_blue_diamond:- normal wave
:large_orange_diamond:- Side Boss (can be considered a “mini boss”)
:red_circle:- BOSS

:small_blue_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :large_orange_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :small_blue_diamond:- :red_circle:

Now something about these bosses:

  • As I mentioned, they have half as much health points as the main bosses
  • Each of these bosses has only one unique skill
  • They have their own separate wave and health bar
  • Boss size: it’s a little smaller than the chicken from “Show’em who’s Boss”

Looks of Bosses:
At the moment I have a few bosses, but first I want to presente 2 enemies:
I didn’t add regular chickens to these bosses, because at the moment I don’t know how to put them there :frowning:

  1. Apple (not eaten)

    Fires projectiles from inside and disperses them to both sides (missiles fly a bit slower)
    (modeled on one idea)

  2. Cross laser

    Fires 4 lasers simultaneously.
    It has 2 systems of shots
    Fires alternately

(Between us I would show more with better quality, but since I left I have little time to draw :frowning: so I send such works. If I come back, I will try to finish or improve something (if I feel like it. :roll_eyes:))

As I said, this idea will clearly not be accepted, but I forced myself to implement it at least in a short time.

Let’s check it out

How do you rate this idea?
  • 10/10 :heart_eyes:
  • 7-9/10 :thinking:
  • 4-6/10😕
  • 1-3/10 :-1:

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So basically… actual “mini boss” waves.


i prefer they spawn beetween enemies fight than make them to seperate wave. i like the suprising elements

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Welcome back!

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