New Boss wave idea (similar to mother-hen ship)

Hi it’s me again.
I have a boss wave idea which is similar to Mother-hen ship but I dont want to replace the mother-hen ship wave I want just to add it new into the game .

Wave Name: “Chicken-Hen Ship”

Wave info:
This wave is very similar to mother-hen ship wave but harder.
This wave starts appearing after 100+ difficulty.
This boss and the entities in this wave have 2x life considering the high difficulty.
Unlike the mother-hen ship,this wave has 3 stages and it cracks for every stage completed instead of riping it off apart slowly.

1st stage:

This stage is the same as the mother-hen ship which just shots 3 red lasers.
This stage starts at 0% and ends at 33.3%.

2nd stage:

In this stage the egg cracks,6 normal chickens appear from right corners of the screen and seek the player and also it fires 2 more red lasers and it’s fire rate increases by 30%.
This stage starts at 33.3 and ends at 66.67%

3rd stage:

In this stage the egg explodes and leaves a big chicken boss from CI4(sorry for not knowing it’s name :pensive:) and this boss has 2x more life and 40%+ fire rate from the normal state of it.
This stage starts at 66.67% at it ends at 100%.

Hope @InterAction_studios adds this awesome and hard wave!

Thank you!


This looks nice, I hope it gets added to :wink:

It’s called Infinity Chick.

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Its like Mother hen ship CI2 and CI4 combined


I remember there was a CI2 version where Sarge Chicken appeared instead of a metal egg after the MHS cracked.


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