New Boss Variant for Droid Raids - Chef Chicken

Firstly, credit to @AnasWael for suggesting this idea in the forum! :heart::+1:
Here is an image of this boss (again, thanks to @AnasWael for making such good art).


The Chef Chicken should be the 2nd variant of bosses in Droid Raid missions - the supposed “assistant” of the Iron Chef.

(Just like “I’ll Be Back”, but in Space Burger raids).
He appears at difficulties above 70%, and here are his attacks:

  1. This chicken will throw food items (not just fruits and veggies but exploding eggs too!) 4 times per second (changes by difficulty: 4 times/sec is the default).
  2. He will throw butcher knives in 8 directions (similar to a slob chicken, but they are randomized directions).
  3. The chicken will hold 2 chicken wishbones… and he THROWS them in random directions, but then they curve back (like a boomerang) right at you. You need to have a very maneuverable ship when fighting this boss.

He also drops more food items than usual - up to 200 food items.
Every 20% health depleted, he drops a random powerup.

Strong against: Special.
Weak against: Bird-Flu Gun, Corn Shotgun.


why would chickens cooperate with space burger
though i guess then having the iron chef in normal missions doesnt make much sense either


All other special missions like Supernovas and comets have 2 own bosses, so I don’t think this will make no sense if it cooperates. Also logically it is a chicken of food which is the point of droid raids afaik.


Droid raids exist? If so, sure, so long as it’s not too similar to Robochef (seems different enough to me)


Cool finally there is new Boss to food missions

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Since when are food missions or droid raids a thing…do you need a certain difficulty for these, etc?

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Iron chef and droids are not working with galactic henpire, but still they are UHF enemies


A three way war, isn’t it?


Again, are droid raids some new or upcoming thing…I don’t read the update logs

Droid raids have been in the game for a while.

I’ve never ever come across one

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