New boss: time coach chicken

This is a chicken where you’ll need to survive with it for an additional time like undertale, JSAB and other games

you guessed it, this chicken is immortal and you cannot kill it, it only have two attacks

First, I’ll charge at you like terminator chickens and then throw 2 eggs at you (the more the difficulty the more it throws) and repeat

when time hits the limit, it’ll use the whistle to announce that times up and it’ll give you either a gift or a firepower and then escape the time is 90 seconds and every 15 seconds, it’ll speed up and up. Encounter this in SSH will be very cancerous because potion of swiftness and it can only encounter in mission that’s >40% difficulty


so it last forever or only 90 seconds. also good idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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90 seconds


90 seconds of terror, like it.

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I know a group of people that won’t like this idea.

Because you can’t finish it faster with a certain item

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It’s coach for patience for those people.

This boss wouldn’t be appropriate on Space Race missions.

Then just ban him from space race


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