New boss:Space Blimp

I will give you the picture of the this boss

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Can you please give more info?

I have used the same file name as yours, but the final “b.jpeg” is replaced by “c.png”.
This image is from IW2. This is the only boss in the game.
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Weapons for space blimp boss
Homing missiles,Rocket Launchers and Fireballs

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This is the image of this boss

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Very similar to IW2 boss.

This is the final boss in the entire game

This can’t be.

Isn’t epic for final boss

…'cuz beating it wipes your game files. :grin:

and what are the attacks? what HP does it have?

The attacks are Homing missiles and rockets
It’s HP is 400000

B.A.D smells bad!

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I can make a project about this on scratch.

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