New Boss: Slendercluck

Slendercluck is based on Slenderman and the scariest boss
At the beginning of boss battle, Slendercluck goes to the center of screen

  1. Tentacles target from random directions.
  2. Its tentacles may shoot at your ship. and can cause significant damage
  3. Slendercluck summon iron suit chickens.
  4. Slendercluck shoot with poison fires.
  5. If you hit his head you will defeat him very fast, Speed running : 2.423 seconds.

People will cease playing darkness soon xd.


I thought it was based on the enderman from Minecraft


thank you

That’s I N T E R E S T I N G

The idea is cool , but if the boss isn’t scary , I don’t want this game to be a scary game .

If you hit his head you will defeat him very fast , Speed running : 2.423 seconds .

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a better name: hendercluck


Cool idea, I like the boss design. However, the idea of speedrunning a boss with 1 “shot” is pointless. I would maybe add its vanishing and appearing and some hissing/glitches.


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