New Boss (Second Chance)

+I cant name it;-;
-In hot and lightning environment
-a boss with a pumpkin face, but not pumpkin
-its face surrounded by fire and red lightning
-All movements:
-Fire ball (target u for 1s and make u overheat) - 4-8 balls and speed depends on difficulty (while u overheat if u touch another ball again u will die)
-Clone: boss devides into 4 smaller similar boss,connected together by sparks/electricity,make 1 danger zone per 3s->1,5s depending on difficulty and random 1 in 4 part teleport to this zone and (Shoot 5-15 small balls in surrounding directionsand speed depending on difficulty)
-Fire swirl: boss move all place in the map, when it touch edge of the screen, it will shoot small ball like “Clone” and make a range wave that can dmg u
+Mirror Chiken:
-Hot environment
-There 2 mirror(left and right) follow boss position, those mirror is breakable(with 25% boss’s health per mirror), they can reflects the light of the sun (look like sun beam) to dmg u)
+Boss spawns a special mirror to against ur attack in 5s, 10-7s per time depends on difficulty, this special mirror can reflects bullets when you shoot at it (also its bullets from bullets-using weapon)

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