New boss :ninja chick

i wonder of adding the ninja chick boss in v.119 or in future updates

the boss will appear in the center of the screen and appears with a big poof (like thundercluck) with black ash

nxt it will throw 4 shurikens in different directions and will bounce across the screen (like ricochet) and you can destroy it

2nd attack will use nunchuks on both wings and spin fast and boss will move around

3rd attack will throw kunais at you (like special forces boss)

last when defeated the boss it will shoot kunai (again) in a big circle (to finish it)

at 25 50 75 percent assassin chicks will protect

how do you rate it from 1 to 10 :slight_smile:

music: the chili wings boss music

  • yes
  • no

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adding a boss supposedly takes a week of effort, its not something that just happens on a whim


We need pictures, attacks, music etc.


The ninja chick needs to have attacks defining it. I suppose simply having a giant chick that goes close to you when you go close to it isn’t enough. All I can really think of is throwing weapons at curves or homing in at the player (nunchuks, boomerangs, ninja-stars, etc). That would be unique at least.
-Knives: launches knives out and draws back in (like heart does with crystal)
-Nunchuks: spins around on wings or in front of boss, acts either like knives or like a energy fence
-Boomerangs: home in on player/ fly out in curves
-Ninja stars: fly out in curves/ home in on player


Here’s the poll .

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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
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  • 9
  • 10

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thanks i was finding it

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Thanks and if you want to make any poll click on :gear: and then choose Build Poll and press :gear: button then click on Number Raiting for raiting with the numbers .
and Fun Fact : I planned with single attack to Ninja Chick .

And he said may it back in the future

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Well Featherbrain already occupies that spot. The idea I suggested here with Ninja Chick is a bit redundant to how Sarge attacks though.

I feel your version of the Ninja Chick is more likely to get seen/approved than my addition with the homing-in/curved angles because of programming difficulties (although, photon swarm does have that).

The attacks sound somewhat similar to a mix of Dr Beaker, Mysterious Egg, and Thundercluck, but the nunchuks all over the everywhere is pretty neat and has a different vibe than other random-area attacks like Magneto’s defense, because it’s in lines and can probably reach further outwards. Done right, it could rival the ECCCC’s shotgun for difficulty.

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