New boss & new Challenge

Level idea is a challenge comes in the mailbox, in this challenge u MUST kill All chickens, if at least one chicken is alive and flew away u will die instantly
Four lane merge
Magic flute
Weakest Link

Other waves like these will be in the level.
u Must kill all chickens or u will be dead

New boss idea is a boss looks like a space crab but made out of barriers, it has the function of a boss in CI5 in the cold planet

its basically an ice golem but with barriers and a space crab

i hope u all like my idea,thanks for reading <3


Huh, so you must get the “Clean Sweep” bonus on all waves in that mission, but some weapons can’t even kill a single chicken in some waves, example: Centipede. Can chickens in those waves be slowed down?

exactly like clean sweep, how about the boss??

Oh, you mean this part I quoted? Give it LV4 barriers as weapons

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Yes! thats it! thats basically my idea

What about buffing weapons in that wave? Like Absolver Beam: It can’t even hit a single chicken in waves like Centipede.

i barelly killed a few chicks in centipede with absolver beam, it was very diffcult to kill them all so buffing it will increase dmg only not making it more accurate at killing chickens.

Try this on Omnidirectional Onslaught with UFO Chickens :upside_down_face:


Bruh moment

Try this on Weaving Through Traffic with only Slobs, Chickenauts and Armored Chickens

My brain…

Hi.Very very very very good idea. :heart_eyes:
Can I make a picture of your boss idea? :grin:
And post it here?

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its very hard to explain doe but ok
can someone Direct message me a picture of barriers and all space crab bosses???

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crabs :point_up_2:
CI4BarrierLV4 CI5BarrierDoubleLV1 CI5BarrierDoubleLV2 CI5BarrierEgg CI5BarrierLV1 CI5BarrierLV2 CI5BarrierLV3 BarrierBall CI4BarrierDoubleLV1 CI4BarrierDoubleLV2 CI4BarrierLV1 CI4BarrierLV2 CI4BarrierLV3
All of the barriers. :point_up_2:


love uu, it will take me a long time to do it so ples be patient


Your welcome.

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I like your idea! :smiley:

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it has the function of the boss in CI5 in the cold planet, destroy each barrier one by one


You mean Ice Golem?:


yes taht swat i exactly mean
a space crab liek that but with barriers
is that cool?

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