New boss mm

wow henperor has seriously started copying humans for everything, even this, he seems to have seriously run out of ideas

boss name: henperor’s milky reaper (he knows what you like)
this boss has 5 attacks, a little more health than henperor’s apprentice, and has two anomalies (arrows show which way you’re going to turn) so you can punish him in all the right places

first attack: when the reaper reaches the middle of the screen he will throw 8 boneRs, the harder the mission the faster the boneRs (this attack will only be at the beginning of the battle)
second attack: he will throw a mysterious substance at you in the way shown in the picture (numbers indicate which parts of the substance he will throw first)

third attack: he will throw a scythe that will move on the purple line as it spins (the purple line is not seen in the game only in the picture) (and I think you know what that white thing on the scythe is)

fourth attack: they will throw three bottles of mysterious liquid from each upper corner and when it hits the bottom of the screen they will throw 3 parts of mysterious liquid at you with high speed

fifth attack: did you wonder what those barrier balls are doing in the corners, so they are there because in this attack they will fire the same laser as the “twice infinity” boss and start approaching the middle of the screen and leave a place where you are safe ( that place can be anywhere on the screen)

when this boss is defeated he will have a yellowish-red explosion with a skull and unknown fluid
(yea this boss is a joke)


Not hating or anything, but maybe there’s an oversaturation of boss ideas on the forum?

I would do anything to get a new boss so this is fine


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Let’s just assume that the mysterious substance is…uhhh…milk.

Oh slob God please save me PLEASE!


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