[New Boss] Isnt it a bit too hen here?

This is a boss that isnt really a chicken, but a sun like fire ball that chickens tour around, basically your goal is to blow that small sun up.
That sun can:

  • Throw fire ropes at you
  • Make chickens tour around itself
  • These chickens can expand and possibly crash on your ship
  • Every 20% sun loses its energy a bit and shrink, ends up sending sun waves that you can dodge by the holes on that wave
  • Chickens can renew every time they die, possibly changes type as you damage the sun.
  • Sun can rise from right side, make a round at screen and set from left side.
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So a live bossa nova?

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i would be shrinkly sun

kinda yeah, a sun that is a boss…

Well so it is like a lion trainer but instead of lion it is chickens

more like chickens doing some kind of celebration around sun and sun has its own will to control chickens

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