New Boss idea

An idea for a new boss.
Hp: same as a chicken boss

called: Agent Chicken
(note: this not based off my name or my character, it just came as an idea)

How it looks like:

Attack 1: egg ring
(Basically the same boss attack as “it’s cold in space”) but it’s a ring.

Attack 2: Bombs (note: if he’s a agent, then he must have bombs)
(idea: brother’s reunited)

Attack: 3: Glasses Attack
(He throws his glasses at the player if low hp)

(Anyway this is my first Suggestion for the game, i hope i did not post it, at the wrong topic lmao)


in fact I was thinking that we should create many new bosses which is the cool thing :slight_smile: anyway this agent boss fits :)))))

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hmmm… perhaps you’d like the glasses to sweep the bottom and fly back to him like a boomerang instead?


Seems kind of similar to the military boss.

This is just like Special Forces + It gets cold in space.

That’s a very good idea actually.

I’ve have no idea what to add, i was thinking of a gun attack but i doubt it will be fitting for a game like this.

Just ran out of ideas that’s all.

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it should be armed with a handgun or something

maybe some kind of laser to make players avoid or something?

Idk if interaction studios will like this idea being applied

It won’t make sense for a boss to shoot lasers unless if i have an idea about it…

some kind of guns perhaps?


That’s good i actually like it.

But the question is, how will it shoot the weapon?

Pulling the gun and shooting the player?
Just no-sense lasers appears out of his chest :skull:

why not make it hold it in the first place? or just your idea I guess

The issue is, i need an artist, i need alot of people for this suggestion, which sucks, cause my current developers or friends or anyone that I know, doesn’t know about CIU Lol

(You would only need an Artist but ye)

me who is an artist: am I joke to you?

but hmmm i dont think so, as long as we understand your concept then you’re good now ^^