New Boss Idea "Well well well... Missing Egg Ship"

I present a rather not very original boss, but quite nostalgic, so to speak.

My boss quote:
Here’s what happens if you don’t destroy all egg ships in CI3.

Drifted through different galaxies (even though it no longer had recoil)
After the chickens found it, egg ship it wasn’t fully functional and broken so they decided to fix it up a bit.

Look of Boss:

It is all rusty and quite 2 times the size of the original ones.
Probably someone is tangled, why has rusts as there is no oxygen in space?
There are two answers:

  1. The ship itself rusted after renovation due to chickens
  2. Rust is to testify to the old wave from CI3

The boss’s entrance
In the beginning, it appears as it used to be.
It emerges concave from below and then flies in different directions.
Here Gives you a drawing of the Movement

Boss Attack

I said the chickens improved it a bit.
They only improved the attack to make the player think it no longer works.

It throws Eggs as usual, except that they are Transmitter Eggs.
They have a slightly greater blast radius when approached and will splash eggs with a slightly greater blast radius.
(Number of eggs transmitter does not have to be the same as shown in the photo).
(Yes I know, you can see he has a similar attack to the Boss “It’s party time!” with the only difference being that it has better accuracy (I think))

And now Traditionally …

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I think it’s a cool idea. It would work well as an alternate boss for droid raids, I think


Interesting idea. That being said, I question how dangerous those eggs could really be. Normally they are mostly harmless when there aren’t any other threats around.

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