New Boss Idea "Turkey with (NO) Thanksgiving"

A certain turkey wanted to take over time to prevent Thanksgiving from happening.
It can also prevent losing fights caused by an Authentic Hero in the distant past.

Since he is the lord of time, he cannot do without a scroll watch.
The basic ability of the turkey, which undoes all attacks it deals.
The large hand will rotate at the moment of attack. When it makes a full revolution, an attacks stop and the pointer turns to the other side of its axis.

Attack 1- Time plasmas

Turkey sends out several plasmas that spread across the screen. They all have gaps to fly through. (Just remember how you avoided them).

Attack 2- Big Watch

I created two versions of this attack because I’m not sure which one is better. (Or it can be both)
But before that, let me explain the colors of the clock hands.

:red_circle: - Untouchable wall
:large_blue_circle: - You can fly through it

Attack 2 -Time Changes (Version 1)
Behind the boss there are 2 connected clock hands growing.
With beggining:
:red_circle: - small clock hand
:large_blue_circle: - big clock hand

The blue clock hand makes a full revolution and then turns red when it touches the red hand.
Once transformed, it will spin until it will arrange in the quarter position. (There will be a safe zone there.)

I thought that after turning back the clock, both hands of the clock would change the colors from the beginning of the arrangement. (the large clue would be red and the blue would be the small clue.)

Attack 2 - Time Changes (Version 2)

This clock will work like a regular clock with the difference that the long hand will change colors from time to time (I thought of a mechanic in which each clock hand will spin in different directions (but in higher difficulty missions)).

Which version of the attack is better?
  • Version 1 :point_right:
  • Version 2 :point_left:
  • Both versions :raised_hands:
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Attack 3 - Time Bombs

Turkey scatters time bombs around itself. Watch where you step.

How do you rate this idea?
  • 10/10 :heart_eyes:
  • 7-9/10 :thinking:
  • 4-6/10 :confused:
  • 0-3/10 :-1:
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another idea for an attack…

Boss can summon other turkeys to attack the recruit and can revive them again or control their movements using his clock

another small idea (cuz why not)

both clock hands will move exactly with the lord of time clock, that will be a nice touch and might help us in these attacks


I would just switch to thanksgiving edition


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this idea is so cool!

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I was thinking about adding an army of turkeys, but I don’t know how they would work with the boss’s other skills because, for example, with Dr. Beaker, you have some “free space” when he calls them. And with the turkey you don’t have this space if he used the giant clock skill. And if there was an army, they would probably appear in random places like in the case of Yolk Star. Overall, I don’t think summoning chickens has much to do with time management ¯\_(:/)_/¯

hmm… I’ll think about it.

Well… Turkeys don’t have to be exclusive property for this holiday.

Thx (>‿◠):v:


Turkey, but has ability to control the time.


You quoted his entire response

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