New Boss idea:The Yolk star v2.0!

Hello guys This is the new boss “The Yolk Star V2.0! New And Improved!” This Boss Wont Be like the other boss (v1.0) he will be the full image like what we see in ci3 in the first he appeares from up then he use the laser he will make a lines before he shoot the lasers because he will shoot them in annoying ways then when progress reach 25% fire power falls from him like in v1.0 but after that chicken appears from behind too! But in this phase it shoots a purple things that are from “blast from the past” level and he moves to while shooting them at 50% progress a 2 big chicken gets out from the shell to fight you and when it reaches 50% too there is a Sattelite will out from it like thundercluck! In 75% it makes chicken multiplicity orange lasers it keep doing that until 100% the shell will broke and screen get a bit smaller then he have the uco green
Lasers you must broke them and you will get fire power when you broke them the yolk star gets red (mad) then it becomes yellow and its follow you to catch you then when you beat it you will have firepower or a weapon gift and you beat the yolk star! (note:i will draw pictures tonight because i will be busy.) If you loved the idea then please reply if it was cool and make a like! @InterAction_studios please make this boss

Hi Guys I Will Upload The Pictures Now Sorry If My Art Is Bad I Tried Very Hard

Guys The Pics Cant Upload


Nope. I hate that boss!

YOK STAR :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



Does the amount of lasers differ with difficulty?

In The Difficulty I Will Say A Short Answer :No In More Difficulty It Makes More Laser Like In V1.0

That’s what I said. But ok.

Ok I Will Send You A Request In CIU Game What Is Your Callsign?

Callsign: Hyper Ahmed

Ok Thx

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