New boss idea: The Slob God

Inspired by the Bloonarius, the meme, ect… I have decided to make this boss for fun
Note: I’m doing this while my heart are shattering so it might have somethings that are not right

The Appearance: Above you, go down slowly
Zooming: 25% more
HP: 300.000 HP in 50% difficulty, it will increase 5000 HP for each 1% up and go down 5000 HP for each 1% down
Enemy type: Boss
Weakness: Organic weapon
Strength: Lightning weapon
When it died it will drop 20 - 50 keys depend on the difficulty
Here’s its attack:
Passive attack: Self Defense Circle
For each 20% HP being taken down, it will shoot out 16 bullet on the circular direction around it, kinda like how normal slob work. It will also spam smaller slob chocken when doing that attack

Attack numero 1: Digestion Splash (just call it shiet splash)
It will shoot out 5 bullet lines in the bow shape below you, between these line there is space for you to dodge it. The bullet line will scale with the difficulty

Attack numero 2: Glowing Digestion (I’m not too creative when it comes to name ok)
It will shoot out glowing poo that can chase you for 5 seconds, it works like assassin chicks and will disappear for 5 seconds. The bullet’s density and the bullet speed will scale with the difficulty.

Attack numero 3: Digestion Stream (Ok can anyone of you give a better name pls ?)
It will shoot out a stream of poo down 3 times each time it moves, the poo and the boss’s movement speed will scale with the difficulty, but the poo’s density and the attack’s times won’t

  • All is good (i don’t expect many people will choose this)
  • Passive attack is bad
  • Numero 1 is bad
  • Numero 2 is bad
  • Numero 3 is bad
  • All is bad

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Are y’all answer the poll just because of the comedic effect or wut ??

You’re the one who created the comedic effect.


is this what people call comedy nowadays

im a comedian

im a comedian 2

yeah i can see that, idk why i did that tho

it depends on what you think as comedy

anyway guys i want your opinion on this so what do you think about the boss ?

Some visuals would really sell this idea.

Also despite being the Slob “God”, it apparently can’t call upon other slobs for help, that’s a pretty big missed opportunity there. Another such missed opportunity is the boss not dropping keys upon death and having a glow effect. The slob god meme originated from how some slobs glowed while others did not.

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thanks for the suggestion, i can fix this relatively quick due to the somewhat similar original idea

nothing more

why tho

because slob is already as a chicken breed

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