New Boss Idea "The Feather is mightier than the blaster"

This is one of the quite unusual bosses, as the “paper” itself can be lethal for the player.
(The idea was taken when I was drawing on my notebook :sweat_smile:)

Firstly danger zones are around the screen.

In front of the boss’s entrance, my big sheet of art notebook appears. (that is practically empty).
(Unfortunately, in such a low resolution, because the website does not allow me to upload animations with higher resolution :disappointed:. So I’m also uploading pictures of the views here.

Time for the boss to come in.
It appears in several pieces and then merges into a whole.
The appearance of the boss (it is made of several pieces of torn paper)

Time for attacks:

Boss Attack:

It flies around the map and after some time stops, splits and folds into several pieces while shooting with one egg.
In harder mode it will decompose faster.


When you fly into such a spot, your visibility will be reduced by 20%, making your screen darker.
The ink will disappear after a while.

Paper planes come straight from the sky and are aimed right at you.
Paper planes can be destroyed.
(work like rockets from CI3)

The feather emerge from the bottom of the screen and over time, each one rises one by one from left to right

If you beat the boss, the paper will be crushed.

And now a question for you …

What will happen to this piece of paper?
  • It will fly away
  • Will explode then drop food (or not throw away)
  • reflects on the screen. If you destroy it, it will explode. (or you push him away)

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This is so awesome.


Dr. Beaker Vibes

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it’s been a while since i’ve seen a boss suggestion that’s this original and creative


Mr. Paper

I don’t usually comment to say how good someone’s idea is without any other reason to comment, but honestly you really deserve it. A lot of your ideas are pretty damn creative and this one is no exception. And with the amount of low-effort suggestions, I can’t help but appreciate it when I see one that clearly had effort put into it, it’s always a breath of fresh air. Good job, man, and hope you keep up this quality.


I wonder how quality will we reach if we touch this in darkness missions lmao.

Anyway Excellent creativity.

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iA add this to the next update

Uncachero 3.0?

I felt warm in my heart :blush: (but I would also like to thank those people who appreciate my work)
But it also motivates me to continue to develop my passions. Generally speaking, here in the forum I got some training in drawing and thanks to you I can continue to do it. And thank you for that.


I was thinking the same about it :joy:

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Maybe it’s just so dark that it’s like hide and seek but in the dark or it’s just your ship glowing

VERY GOOD IDEA! Let’s hope iA adds this one.

I’d rather face that boss than this total abomination.

What’s it weak/strong to, though?
Like, is the boss weaker to fire weapons (Ion Blaster, Vulcan Chaingun, Laser Cannon, etc.) ?

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I have to note one thing. Mzdzi is indeed talented in extracting all creativity he have in his mind. But one problem some of his ideas is having. Some of them may have incomptaible stuff or logics with the game. and some may be excessively exhausting to IA for implementation. And some might be too much hassle for little payoff (?). I am a beginner at coding and these stuff but I can get through things properly.

But Overall, this one looks excellent and fine and might not be beyond IA’s abilities. And I hope Mzdzi still continues his wonderful creativity career.


This boss idea you have is reminded me of Super Paper Mario


Fu-ckin’ AWESOME dude, you’re the icon of creativity in this forum :muscle:

Keep it up!


This would be very hard in darkness environments though… the ink will only make it much harder lol.

What weapon were you using there? Maybe that weapon can be strong against this boss?

I think the ratio of guns to this chicken will be the same as the regular chickens in the boss “Show’em who’s Boss!” There was also the concept that when a chicken splits, shooting individual body parts either deals less damage or takes no damage at all.