New Boss Idea: Space Blimp

So, here we go again…

Space Blimp is actually an intergalactic chicken transporter vehicle that goes from one galaxy to another while deploying chickens as it goes.

You can encounter it in all of mission types (even in Asteroid missions)

Phase 1

The fight starts with Space Blimp descending down like The Yolk-Star!

It goes from left or right side to the another (that depends on a RNG). The lower part of the vehicle is always shown (with a pilot chicken steering it). While moving the pilot chicken will deploy low-descending bombs and Balloon Chickens.

Phase 2

When boss damage bar reaches 25%, The Space Blimp will call UFO Chickens/Chicks for help. The rest is the same as Phase 1 (except the intro)

Phase 3

When boss damage bar reaches 50%, The Space Blimp will call Chickenauts/Slob Chickens/Egg Ship Chickens for help. The rest is the same as Phase 1 & 2 (except the intro)

Phase 4
At 75% the Space Blimp’s cargo is breaking up releasing special coloured chickens. This time, bomb/Balloon Chicken deployment time is shorter.

When defeated, Space Blimp will give you 5 Roasted Chickens and 5 “Size me up” burgers! Why? Because chickens/chicks inside of a ship die along with vehicle’s explosion.

This idea is inspired by one of IA’s older series: Island Wars!

Godspeed, ye magnificent team!

EDIT: If IA decides on adding Homing Missile enemies from CI3, I will add them to Phase 2 or 3 description as an attack


Quick question: In what pattern will the chickens be deployed? Will it be like a copy of other waves or will it all be terminator chickens?

Also will the Space Blimp have any other projectiles as well?

Also also: Nice idea :slight_smile:


really creative idea : D


Terminator chickens, I think
Maybe, just maybe… there will be Laser Cannon chick turrets as well, but idk


Then that does sound like fun!

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Le inspiration


long boy


this sounds like the evil version of the recruit

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not related to CI but is that Zeppelin Ship?
(Island Wars 2 actually)

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Yes, it is! My good fellow @Arnav
This is what inspired me to make this idea!

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