New Boss Idea: Sir Paint the Hydra

When it comes to taking Hero down, space chickens don’t always rely only on themselves or their technological accomplishments. They had enslaved King of Jellyfishes once by using chick and some neuron calibrator and used it as a weapon.

But now, they did it again!.. and it comes as surprise… in space!!!

Sir Paint the Artistic Hydra comes to the center of the screen from top-center of the screen wrapped in a gift box. After that, it moves in a similar way to the CI2 Mother-Hen Ship and Mysterious Ship.

When 1/4 of its total health is depleted, left head & right head pop up simultaneously out of the box at 90 degree. Each head is capable of moving at 180 degree area and shooting paintballs, which come in red, blue and green variants. The boss moves the same way as in the beginning.

What’s unique about these paintballs, is that they can be absorbed by chicken/chicks, so they will gain behaviours adequate to Berserk Chick, Coward Chicken and Toxic Chicken respectively no matter what type of enemy poultry is.

Paintball colors:

Red :heart: - Berserk Chick’s behaviour
Blue :blue_heart: - Coward Chicken’s behaviour
Green :green_heart: - Toxic Chicken’s behaviour

When 50% of total health goes depleted, the gift box collapses revealing the hidden surprise! The hydra is equipped with jetpack and it moves in similar way to YolkStar’s yolk. The middle head can spit a thin stream of paint from one side to the other (left to right or vice versa) (also, the way it shoots a stream is like a Space Crab’s laser pattern). It’s also Hydra’s weak point…
The right head’s & left head’s attack isn’t changed whatsoever.

The reward: Lots of coins and gift box (no atomic powerups, though)

What do you think?


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