New Boss Idea:Retro Shark

This New Boss Like The Alien Mothership And “ILL BE BACK” Boss But You Wont Expect This This One Is Just A Shark Moving And Does like what retro boss does in the progress 25.00% There Are Some Rings Out Of Him You Should Shoot The Rings To Dodge It In 50.00% Some Fishes Turn Out Of His Mouth And Shooted To You To Dodge Them Move To Another Spot Because They Wont Follow You In 75.00% The Shark Moves Of Screen And Danger Zone Mark Appears Reffering The Boss Is Coming From There At Progress 100.00% HE DIED I Hope You Enjoyed That One And If The One ool Like It Please And Chomp,Chomp! :shark::shark:

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But When i upload a picture it says failed to upload the pic

Hi guys i will upload pics

Im sorry if my art is bad

ill help ill make pics

I made them


Test them please


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It weirdo i think

wait ill make one which lets it better

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Watch them to make it better

Watch My Other Topics! (Chickenboi,im your friend in the game)

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You watch them?