New Boss Idea "Project M.O.T.H.E.R"

where are all these UFOs coming from? here’s the answer.

This is one of the more difficult bosses to encounter due to the units he sends.
It has four purple neutrons that are aimed at you

He has 3 laser attacks, 3 different waves and one special attack
Let me add that laser attacks can combine with waves of chickens, not counting the special attack.

Attack no.1 - Fires 5 rounds from each cannon like U.C.O

Attack no.2 - Fires one by one from left to right (or vice versa) 4-5 times.

Attack no.3 - The guns are directed from the edge of the screen inwards, firing in series.

Wave 1 - UFOs of almost every species are lined up in rows and then fly away after some time

Wave 2 - The aliens are quickly positioned in random places and then fly away one shot at a time.

Wave 3 - The UFOs slowly scatter across the zone with a few shots

SPECIAL ATTACK - When you are in the green zone, you are slowed down and drawn directly into the UFO. In addition, the 4 cannons shoot alternately.


Remind me of this Image

The mothership from the game called “Swamp Attack”


I was playing it. that’s what inspired me


Very, Very Sorry to disappoint you and waste your efforts but but in F.A.Q it is mentioned there is no other new space crab or a UFO bosses is going to be added.

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unfortunately :face_exhaling:, but even if they do not add it, it is worth showing how something like this could look like


Real UCHO 5!


It might would be a new villain boss.


Very, very sorry to disappoint you, but this one is actually way more original than ideas that caused this line about UCOs and crabs get to the FAQ in the first place. These were just UCO with other weapons combinations.

And somehow it’s almost the same thing as my initial unreleased pritishprise prototype.


This. The concept of a flying saucer/UFO shaped boss isn’t off the table, that’d be stupid. The FAQ refers to the U.C.O. and Space Crab specifically.


Well… I thought it refer to both of those and things similar to it since this also hold one of the U.C.O Weapons which is basically a thing that makes it looks like a updated version of U.C.O. Also why you are acting like I was against this idea?

Kinda cool, but I doubt about this becoming a villain boss, those are specific to the main games.

M.O.T.H.E.R stands for : Magnificent. Obese. Treatment. Herbs. Eggs. Ranch.

I wonder who drew these for you?


pretty sure they did it themselves?

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I like this idea. But I find the boss a bit difficult

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Cannonade is a villain boss yet it appeared in ciu only(you can tell by the fact it plays the ci4 villain theme). Also this doesn’t necessarily have to be a villain boss.
Anyways regarding the idea, I absolutely love it. One of the more creative boss ideas.



My man @Mzdziungwa is super talented at drawing stuff like that, sometimes the artstyle reminds me of Paper Mario for some reason


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