New Boss Idea "Look! Falling Star (make a wish)"

This is the 3rd type of stone boss that can only be found at the asteroid location.
This boss stands out from all of the one thing that I am going to talk about in a moment.

Entrance of the boss:

We are positioned on the left side (or on the right side), the screen is getting bigger and we are moving with considerable speed (e.g. in the “Grand-Prix” wave).

Player tries to overtake the “Star” and then when they are on contact, the confrontation begins.

The Stars moves up and down peacefully
I would like to add that there are 2 more variants of this boss:

Fiery (alternatively “@Starbrockle Comet” :sweat_smile:)


Time for Attack:
And here you will be surprised (I think): This boss has no attacks.

When the player takes 2% of HP from the boss, a shard drops out of him, which is deadly for the player (I will add that when he loses a shard, it becomes a bit smaller).
The main purpose of confronting him is your reflexes. (greetings to BX players and those from the space race)

When you defeat him, it will explode into several pieces. They are still lethal so don’t be happy so fast!

Now something about the difficulty levels:

When the boss level is higher than 25%, 2 appear instead of one star.

This is best shown with a small graph:

0%-25% One star (1 :star: - 100% HP)
26%-50% Two Stars (1 :star: - 50% HP)
51%-75% Three Stars (1 :star: - 33,3%? HP)
76%-100% Four Stars (1 :star: - 25% HP)
+100% Five stars (1 :star: - 20% HP)

Boss appearance example with 80% difficulty level
(Stars are a bit smaller)

These difficulty levels can not be difficult because the number of stars does not make a difference. The difficulty of the level is to avoid all stars after the explosion.

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It should be in suns not in asteroids belts. Regardless, pretty good.


You do know that the falling star is a term that refers to meteors?

Which speaking of I’d rather see this boss on some planets not asteroid belt. Currently it’s more like a comet than a falling star. Yes it’s nitpicky and CIU is not real life but whatever. I even had idea in one of my topics for falling stars environment and it would be a match made in heaven for this.


Does that mean I might become a boss in CIU?


if you want it, you will :joy:


How about ‘‘Starbrockle Comet’’?


I think this comet could be called that :slight_smile:


So a fusion of Big Chickens/Show em Who’s Boss with Hennley’s Comet and Retro Mothership!. Okay, it’s a bit gimmicky but I think it’s cool and unique, and should be easy to implement.


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