New Boss Idea "Honorable ChickMilord"

Okay, I don’t know what made me create a boss similar to my profile picture :sweat_smile:
but since I did, I will introduce him.

Attack no. 1
Classic attack. Nothing more nothing less

Attack no. 2
It flies to the side of the screen or to the center and spins its monocle several times across a large area, then the monocle returns to its place.

Attack no. 3
Scatters several wine glasses at random places (just like Dr. Beaker, the only difference is that the glasses only fall to the bottom of the screen)

Attack no. 4
Lays huge eggs around the area to protect themselves from the player

what do you think about this “noble” idea?

  • Prominent, Milord :wine_glass: (Perfect)
  • It lacks a bit of perfection (to be improved)
  • …May be :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
  • Better not to rework yourself in the boss version (weak)

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he looks like the guy from monopoly


Tax Collector Vibes…

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Wait till it pull out the ultimate attack Just Say No

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