New Boss Idea: Chick-UBATOR

Introducing the new egg boss who is the most protected and above all… the coziest?

Animation Elements:

Icons: They are displayed before performing a specific attack.

Spinning egg: It spins faster as it takes damage.

Thermometer: Determines the heat generated when taking damage.

Engines: Typical modern engine.

Placed 3 attacks

Attack #1
Egg Lasers (Update V1: Two version)

Laser eggs will fly out from the bottom of the incubator.
It is possible to spawn eggs directed in two directions.

the incubator first goes to the bottom of the screen and spreads the laser eggs, then they fly from the bottom up (they can be directed in both directions and two eggs can spawn at the same time and in the same place)

Which version is better?
  • Version #1
  • Version #2

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Attack #2
Chicken spawn

The chickens fly out from the top of the incubator and scatter in several directions.

Attack #3
Egg fury

The incubator opens to full screen and the egg shoots laser beams in different directions (or the missiles will be aimed directly at the player).

When the boss is injured, excessive heat is generated inside the incubator.
50% Damage

90% Damage

(if someone asks about the light in the incubator during the “egg fury” attack, I will say that when the boss uses this skill, the light is turned off first, and then he starts the attack.)

Update V2:
inspired by this idea:

I thought about adding a hot zone that would cause your weapon to heat up faster (if you run into it, it won’t completely overheat).
It will increase in size with the damage received (in the picture it shows the maximum limit of heat generated).

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What does this indicate?

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This is Boss HP. As the damage received increases, the arrow moves all the way to the red point


the best way to customize & bring back some CI3 entities.


It must also be shaken quickly and steam comes out of it, which increases as it reaches the dangerous part (red), and a sound like the sound of a whistling kettle occurs at the boiling stage.


This is a pretty good boss idea. One question: does the egg itself take damage or only its container?

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it depends on the situation. Usually the container itself takes damage, but while the egg attacks and you hit it, it takes damage as well

Update: I added the second version of the “Egg lasers” attack and it seems better to me. I would like to ask you to vote


yeah V2 is much more of a challenge. How about have it so V1 is used if difficulty is under 60%, and otherwise it uses V2?

Update V2 (last): I added a mechanic to make it harder to defeat the boss in the final phase. Last update to not burden it. He has enough skill for now.

Why not making the egg looks like the incomplete yolk star, this will only appear in easy difficulty, and some minor changes in the medium difficulty but nothing will changed in the hard difficulty.

I don’t think anyone wants to put a “broken egg” in incubator.
Incubator is designed to provide the ideal temperature and comfort for the eggs.

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Incubator is not a creature generator, the egg that shown in the picture staying at “Building State” phase of CI3. That’s all :wink:

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