New Boss: Hentipede

Because graphics design is my passion, here’s how the boss would look like in its most basic form:


  • Its head shoots missiles that curve slightly to the player when the player is on the its cone of sight.
  • Each segment, including the tail has a pair of egg cannons that shoots eggs periodically. Either one by one of simultaneously.
  • The higher the % difficulty, the more segments it has.
  • The head is its weak spot. Although you can also shoot its segments in which it can be disabled throughout the fight.
  • Each segment disabled gives points so you might want not to target the head first if you want a high score.
  • It either has a set of movement directions like the boss on the Anniversary Mission, or moves itself randomly but it cannot turn itself too much (mainly to avoid sprite overlapping).

subject to changes


Reminds me of that Star Defender 3 worm boss lol.
But yeah, this is actually a pretty great boss idea, kinda surprised how almost no one suggested a worm boss before.

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I have fought this boss and I defeated it

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Lemme guess, Terraria?


More like:

Btw a worm boss is a fresh concept in the CI games and I hope to see it somehow


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