New boss giant chicken

350000 HP
6 attacks
no weaknesses
when the battle begins there is a field for which there is a boss, the boss does not touch you and you can not beat him

when the boss is out of the field you can attack but he will attack the first attack wing, which flies in any direction and scatters feathers

the second attack is the head that shoots lasers from behind the mouth
and shoots projectiles

then she flies to the top

and there attacks eggs and other

have eggs 3,000 ha of them go any species enemies except Chick Gatling Gun
then he can fly away and attack there

and the last attack the chicken gets the attack and throws it at us

that’s all


Too op

Just bigger Super-chick.


:slight_smile: …ummm …

He always did it :smiley: You are back? Wow!

Fake PewDiePie Detected

this is a joke btw

Hey Pewds, EA remembers you! You owe us money!

same thing every time. :frowning:

interesting, but pointless. I really dont understand why they not lock the idea forum because too many idea rot here. And will never be used. Poor fans :smiley:

Maybe because they can’t add every single thing people suggest

Agree! But i think there is too many idea here and people not so patient :confused: Often dont understand why so hard selecting ideas.

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