New Boss: Eyebot Approaching

  • PHASE 1
  • At the beginning of boss battle, Eyebot goes to the center of screen from one of 4 randomly selected directions (up, down, left or right). After that, it unleashes an electric sphere (that expands to the off-screen area) with gaps.
  1. Slowly approaches Hero while aiming its Rockets. When its done aiming, it launches Rockets and then it comes back.

  2. Goes to the center of screen and it starts Shooting its Lasers at fast pace!

  • PHASE 2
  • When damaged (50% of health depleted) Eyebot calls for reinforcements (U.F.O. Chicks that is) and pulls out Egg Blaster and Virus Balls (that looks like poison gun). 4 of these reinforcements are set to the corners of the screen (one U.F.O. Chicks for one screen corner)

nahufo slob

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Wait that boss is from heavy weapon deluxe

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Hmm I play this game once and now is in CIU :grin:

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Eyebot ?

I have one that
Sin título-1rt

That looks like Tetran :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: starts crying on a floor and then dies
Anyways, cool idea!


Yeah its in heavy weapon deluxe

well it’s the heavy gun boss but i’m improving it

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