New boss event: The Best Enemy

The boss appear and attack u with weapon which u are using, but boss can use weapon better than you (more range, bigger aoe, more bullet)
Some weapon need to add danger zone before its attack like beam-weapon
Boss can copy others bosses’ skills. Although boss can copy, its copied skills are still your weapon bullet.
each 20% damage it takes, it will give u new weapon, and it will continue copying ur weapon’s skill if u take that new weapon


Players with weapons that have instant speed :skull:


Beamers when finished charging and release their LMB: :skull:

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already suggested something like this so ill plug this here


What the hell :skull:…btw What character did you choose for this issue now? :unamused:

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ee hossein:D

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Yo bro wassup:D

good bro. u have discord?

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This ain’t the chatting place, you know that?


No thats a huge issue
how about this, my last idea was a candy boss which was wearing a party hat and a shirt which there was a happy birthday cake on it and holding a lolipop on right hand, this idea is cool and this boss might appear with party chicken /Its Party Time!/ it will be similar to a double team wave,

candy and party thats it.

the boss i planed was for squaked block but it was impossible to beat so i had to nerf some things, but the amount and speed of the candies that boss will throw will still be based on difficulty. hope you like it!

bro just make your own topic for your idea


i know


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