New boss: Chickenaire

Made by Powerpoint

Skill 1 (Beginning of the Wave, and random after using other skills): Throws a red money paper at you as bribing you (won’t be killed if touching the paper) then Assassin Chicks come to chase you (more spawn on harder difficulty. From 3 to 8 assassin chicks. They are instantly angry without getting damaged when coming) . Duration to use next skill: 4 seconds
After 4 seconds, use other skills (same go to them)
Skill 2: Increase the chicken size, shoot the grid of lasers in the whole screen (increase to smaller tiles on harder difficulty)
Skill 3: Use 12 o’cluck bombs (not clucker bombs unlike your spacecrafts’). Explode and each cloud shoots 3 spreading purple neutrons
All must avoid include the boss (this boss is mortal)
Doesn’t increase the attack rate on any kind of difficulties (include SSH +40%)
Doesn’t fit in Double Team

can you explain why throwing money into the hero spawn chickens

It throws the red money to call Assassin chicks chase you (no portal, appearing from screen’s corners). But touching the money won’t kill you (Skill 1)

At 4th Image,There’s Purple Grid and What they do ?

Also come with double size. Both of these abilities in the 2nd skill last only 7 seconds. You also must not touch them or you will die (Sorry if this were made by Powerpoint)

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