New Boss: Brutoid

When you raid Space Burger Droids, you would expect some security guards instead of Chef to protect their delicious cargo from being robbed. That’s why Space Burger Corporation has invented and started prodcuing all-new machines to solve that problem! Their purpose is to protect delivery robots at all costs necessary!.. and apparently Hero isn’t happy about it.

Brutoid (Codename BRO.TOY.DEF.) is a large droid equipped with fists (made of steel) that are attached to its arms.
It uses its arms as an act of defense and offense simultaneously. It’s also packed with military-revised toys for some reason. When defeated, a spark goes out of it and then explodes with a multitudes of coins.

ASCII art of the Brutoid:

8 = fists
{} = body
| = arms
o = eyes
. = antenna, smoke
0 = jet engine


  • PHASE 1
  • At the beginning of boss battle, Brutoid goes to the center of screen from one of 4 randomly selected directions (up, down, left or right). After that, it unleashes an electric sphere (that expands to the off-screen area) with gaps.
  1. Slowly approaches Hero while aiming its fist. When its done aiming, it launches fist and then it comes back.

  2. Goes to the center of screen and it starts rotating its arms at fast pace!
    (see this video for reference → Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone: Act 1 Boss Fight - YouTube)

  3. Shields himself with unbreakable barriers while attacking Hero with its fists more furiosly (each of fists have 0.75 second delay between launching first one and second one). When done attacking, it calls off unbreakables

  • PHASE 2
  • When damaged (50% of health depleted) Brutoid calls for reinforcements (Security Droids that is) and pulls out Razor-Bladed Yo-Yo and Neutron Squirter (that looks like water gun). 4 of these reinforcements are set to the corners of the screen (one Security Droid for one screen corner)
  1. Brutoid uses Yo-Yo to launch at Hero’s coordinates 3 times (with 3 seconds delay). Yo-Yo is attached to boss’ left hand
  2. Slowly approaches player while shooting some squirts of neutron projectiles 6 times (0.8 seconds delay between shooting) from Neutron Squirter
  3. Drops Rubby Ducky Clusty Grenade to the center-bottom of the screen from the center-top of the screen. The grenade unleashes 8 smaller grenade-sized Rubby Duckies (that behave like Military Chicken Boss’ grenades) after the explosion.

It’s been a while since I’ve done ideas for CIU, huh?


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