New boss: Asteroid Multiplicity

Like the chicken multiplicity, it is a giant asteroid that breaks apart as the chicken multiplicity diminishes and disappears. The first time it appeared it was capable of producing small asteroids that flew like a storm, when the giant asteroid exploded, they split apart and move freely and then got smaller and lost. If you want to know what this boss is like, let me ask for an email address, I will send it, because new people cannot post pictures on this page.


It has a wave like your idea
asteroids no really

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but it different than it because my idea can spawn small asteroid without shot broken


like that you can still shoot it


Godzilla had a stroke reading this and fucking died.



Wait, didn’t we already have Asteroids, no, really?

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Other than the giant text, the text is perfectly readable.


Hi, (shameless self-promotion)


image i cant read

This boss remind me of henley comet boss. I think this would give the asteroid missions boss variation.

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